Reprise Commerce Canada looks at how eCommerce and Amazon impacts a brand’s media strategy and profitability

Citing concerns over the health and safety of their employees and customers, Amazon recently announced the cancellation of their largest annual two-day marketing event for 2021, Prime Day. With ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks at Amazon facilities, the rationale for calling off the event is completely plausible and valid. Regardless, we suspect there’s another key reason for the cancellation that Amazon has yet to disclose: the unprecedented surge of eCommerce sales has resulted in significant supply chain challenges for the retail giant.  The announcement reflects the struggles that Amazon will continue to face in their ability to keep up with consumer demand in Canada. As eCommerce sales continue to experience record gains through the pandemic, the implications of these struggles could be much more problematic for brands than the revenue lost due to the cancellation of Prime Day.

In this new POV the team explores the underlying reality of Amazon’s logistics and operations and recommend tangible solutions that marketers can use to mitigate Amazon’s supply chain challenges.

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